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Get Adobe Flash player The computer or device you are using should run Flash to enjoy this page. This is a dumbed down version. It's states clearly why HTML5 is not really a 'replacement' for Flash but really a jump back in time. If you are looking at this page with an iPhone or iPad, you should watch this video to realize Flash could run very well on your smartphone and can deliver content that is impossible to build with HTML5.

HTML5 compared to Flash is like a hat compared to an umbrella. They can be used together, but a hat won't replace an umbrella.

In may 2010, 0,86% of all online users use an iPhone or iPad (=iOS).
In may 2010, 97,00% of all online users have the Flash Player 10 installed.
In may 2010, 87,00% of all online users CAN'T see HTML5 video h.264.
These speedtests show Flash Player 10.1 outperforms HTML5.

With these figures in mind, does it make sense to leave Flash and jump back in time with HTML5?